Party Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!: LISTEN UP!

Jordie Corvill over at has just informed me that we are invited to a party i think at

she said that scottish,me and Sophie was invited, just us.

quick question suxx r u Sophie? if so then she said u can come also?if not I will invite u.

punknut your invited.she didn’t say your name but i’m inviting all my friends no matter what she says.

cat and sarah i didn’t forget about u two your invited also.have a lovely day.


CM Punk’s Smackdown Results – 16 April, 2010

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Rey Mysterio & The Hart Dynasty def. CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Darren Young

Following NXT Rookie Darren Young’s victory over Luke Gallows on Tuesday night, CM Punk brought his followers together to face Rey Mysterio and The Hart Dynasty in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. With Unified Tag Team and United States Champion The Miz joining the broadcast table, Rey Mysterio dialed-up the 619 on Punk from around the ring post, paving the way for David Hart Smith to hit a running powerslam on the self-proclaimed “savior” for the win.

Will The Master of the 619 use his growing momentum to give The Second City Saint the hair cut of a lifetime at Extreme Rules?

Superstar of the Day – 16 April, 2010

CM Punk is today’s Superstar of the Day over at The photo they used is the same one that was used when he was SOTD on the 5th of March. To view it again, click the link below.

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WWE reschedules Austria and Turkey shows
Due to travel disruptions caused by volcanic ash over Europe, WWE is rescheduling Live Events in Innsbruck & Istanbul.

Well they have to be in the US for Monday night RAW- I guess they will leave from Portugal by plane- if they can. I bet the wrestlers won’t forget this Euro trip. 😉

Smackdown April 16, 2010

*Off air match*


CM Punk News: Funny Note From SD! Taping, Celebrity At SD! Taping, More

CM Punk kicks a fan’s phone! lol lol 🙂


I was at the Smackdown taping on Tuesday and after the dark match a guy behind us dropped his phone onto the walkway and we all shouted at CM Punk and his crew to pick it up. He stopped, walked over to the phone and kicked it away and said “call me” as he did the phone sign gesture with his hands. Classic stuff, top man and wrestler! Just thought that was a funny note to pass along that wasn’t included in your off-air notes from the taping.

One Life One Chance: CM Punk’s Testimonial (Screencaptures)

Toby Morse of H2O runs a website that’s dedicated to informing students about alternatives to drugs, One Life One Chance. He recently posted CM Punk’s testimonial on the site. The caption reads:

My good friend CM Punk is the first Straight Edge Professional Wrestler. Young kids are being inspired to live Drug Free because of him.

Punk discusses how he discovered the straight edge lifestyle and his dedication to staying drug free. He also discusses Toby’s goals for introducing people to the idea of a drug-free lifestyle. Head over to One Life One Chance to view the video.

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One Life One Chance – CM Punk’s Testimonial

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